Private Parties & Special Events

Whether your event is a birthday party or a wedding celebration, whether you are hosting it at your home or your favorite banquet hall, one common necessity is parking. Let Elite Parking Solutions handle all the details and frustrations of parking and allow your guests to experience VIP treatment.

There is more to valet parking services than simply getting a bunch of guys to park some cars. Elite Parking Solutions can provide a complete parking solution custom tailored to your specific situation. We will:

  • Accurately assess the available resources of your location
  • Determine the amount of parking needed to effectively accommodate your guests
  • Determine the staff required to safely and efficiently park your guests’ cars to avoid wait times
  • Locate, lease, and insure appropriate additional parking lots in surrounding areas
  • Monitor your situation for needed changes, such as additional parking attendants or more space
  • Provide insurance coverage of both residential and business events ensuring your peace of mind

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