In Hospitality, we provide what we call ‘that one degree’ of service; the difference from water being extremely hot, to an actual boiling point. That extra ‘one degree’ makes a world of difference to those on the receiving end of service. We pride ourselves on the first three minutes of a guests experience, as we all know, that starts with valet. Additionally, our innovative computerized technology is an added benefit that creates value ultimately saving your property money by operating at a higher level of efficiency. Operationally speaking, we are not your traditional parking company.

Imagine yourself checking out of a 5 star hotel. You’ve got more luggage than you can handle and the front desk has placed you on hold, as you’re attempting to request for your vehicle. Your spouse is still getting ready and your children are tied up watching TV. You notice the snow falling outside and your plane is scheduled to depart in exactly 3 hours.

Frustrated, as your still on the phone, you notice the small print on your valet ticket; “vehicle retrieval via text message at 123-456-7890. If luggage assistance is helpful please list your room number.” You hang up on the front desk, grab your cell phone, text the appropriate information to the number listed and within minutes you have a professional bellhop knocking on your door who is eager to assist.

Now this attendant is friendly, addresses you by name and assures that you haven’t forgotten anything. He or she assists you and your family down the elevator to the lobby where you see your vehicle, up front and warm inside. Your luggage is then loaded, the valet attendant gives you proper directions, and in closing he or she addresses you by name, shakes your hand and thanks you for your patronage. As you pull away you notice two mints in your cup holder stating “We Care!”

All that sounds good but the delivery is what makes it great and that’s where Elite Parking Soluitons comes in. With a combined experience of more than 30 years, Elite Parking Solutions has managed to build sustainable long term relationships with their staff, guests and clients. These relationships have a foundation built on trust, integrity and most importantly – reliability. We manage each account with the operational ability and financial strength of an industry giant, without losing that personal touch that only a family business can provide. We have the tools to offer an unsurpassed personal experience for our guests, making us different from other parking companies.

With parking being such a challenging department, we take the initiative to attend department meetings, pre-convention gatherings, and we strategically schedule based on hotel occupancy and local events. We have the capability to interface with your Property Management System to maximize revenue, recognize repeat guests, and to execute daily, weekly, and monthly reports. We also know how important it is to make a great impression. We gladly customize our uniform to look consistent with your property style and culture. With our flexibility, we structure our company to be an; efficient, motivated, and organized asset to your organization.

Like the mint on the pillow, we are the mint for all your parking challenges. We would like the opportunity to discuss with you, in greater detail, how we could improve your level of service, tend to your concerns, and address your financial needs. You can reach us at 877.912.PARK.