In medicine, a “cure” begins with applying knowledge to technology. The progress is incremental, but it is real when it can be measured. Since 1988, Elite Parking Solutions (EPS) has successfully educated itself in the parking industry; we’ve learned what customers and client are seeking and are accustom to. We have taken this knowledge and are thinking ‘outside the box’ to exceed those expectations.

We take the initiative to attend department head meetings, pre-convention gatherings, and strategically staff based on the events for each day. With our computer system, we are able to structure our operation to be an efficient, motivated and organized asset to your institution. Like in medicine, comprehensive planning, with applied technology not only puts EPS stronger, it’s paving the way to success for our clients.

EPS understands that health care properties are seeking innovative and progressive solutions to its current parking challenges. Therefore, in recent years Elite Parking Solutions has implemented technology which allows us to service more comprehensive health care institutions. It has been Elite Parking Solutions mission, since the beginning, to surpass industry standards in technology and customer service while building long term sustainable relationships with clients. Our relationships are built on trust, integrity, and most important – reliability. We manage each account with the operational ability and financial strength of an industry giant, without sacrificing “hands –on” management.

In today’s age, there is no reason why a manager can’t be efficient working side by side his or her staff, our office is your institute! You can’t expect to manage a department as challenging as parking from the 7th floor of building. Our staff is trained to handle issues on the spot. Our service recover program allows us to handle issues rapidly and professionally to ensure 100% guest satisfaction.